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Vida Fitness is a Washington DC area gym and spa. There are 6 convenient locations in the DC area.

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The Vida Fitness referral program follows a rather old school flow. The participant fills out a form, with their friend’s information, including their phone number. There isn’t a way to add a personal message, and it’s unclear what the friend will see once all said and done. But, they do promote the program from their website, so we have to give them credit for that.

How Vida Fitness Drives Referrals

The Vida Fitness referral program offers a free workout to the new friend and rewards the participant with a variety of options to choose from like free membership dues, personal training, and spa services. The participant provides Vida with their friend’s information, and Vida reaches out to them with a personal invite.

Referral Offer Text

“Already a member and know someone else that would love to be a part of the VIDA Community? Fill out the form below and we’ll send them a personalized invite for a free workout! Once your friend signs-up, you’ll receive great member referral rewards such as free membership dues, personal training, and spa services. You can also enlist your friend as your new workout partner and reap the benefits that working out with a buddy provides! Or, sign-up together with one of our small group training programs and receive individualized professional instruction plus the camaraderie of working out with your friends. We’d also enjoy hosting your friends at our various social events, happy hours, and Member Appreciation Days. Your friends are our friends, so remember to Share Your VIDA as often as you can.”

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