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Lime Crime is a cruelty-free and vegan beauty brand. They think of beauty products differently and pride themselves on uniqueness. The brand is digital-first and offers a variety of makeup and hair products in their e-commerce store.

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They earn a solid ‘A’. Their program is easy to find from the homepage and user login, plus it uses great imagery. They have also recently redone their reward structure and went from $5 off to a 20% off coupon.

How Lime Crime Drives Referrals

Lime Crime offers a nice double sided reward. Offering 20% to both the customer and their friend. They also provide numerous sharing options to make it even easier for the customer to get the word out.

Referral Offer Text

“Share Lime Crime with friends to gift them 20% off their first order, and you’ll get 20% off when they make a purchase.”

Lime Crime Referral Sharing Methods

Lime Crime Referral Rewards

Participant Reward

Amount: 20%
Type: Company Credit

Friend Reward

Amount: 20%
Type: Company Credit

Participant Experience

Friend Experience