Leesa is a mattress company that sells compressed and boxed mattresses shipped directly to your home. The Leesa mattress is a completely redesigned mattress offering a Universal Adaptive Feel™ that adapts to all body shapes and sizes and sleeping styles. This mattress is also unique in that it is delivered in a box. Unpack the box and watch your new mattress inflate.

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Leesa offers a pretty decent reward, considering the price point of their mattresses. They’ve offered a referral program pretty much from the get-go, but have recently upped their referral reward offer to a little over double the amount. It’s a little unclear how many programs they are running as they also talk about influencer, ambassadors, and affiliates on their referral program landing page.

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“Spread the word!”

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Leesa Referral Rewards

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Amount: $75
Type: PayPal

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Amount: $160
Type: Company Credit

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