“Invite Friends & You Both Get Up To $100”

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Fiverr is an online marketplace that offers a wide variety of tasks and services to be done, by freelancers worldwide. Jobs start at $5, which is where the name comes from.

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Because the headline seems a bit deceiving, we bumped it down. Fiverr’s referral incentive has recently changed. The old incentive was seemingly fitting as it rewarded the participant with $5. Meaning you could actually get something essentially free. They have changed the reward structure, however, offering up to $100 off, but that’s in the form of 20% off coupon. Which helps the big spenders, but leaves little desire for cheaper jobs.

How Fiverr Drives Referrals

Fiverr’s double-sided reward offers users and their friends 20% a purchase. Though they cap off the rewards at $100 it’s still pretty impressive.

Referral Offer Text

“Nobody likes to waste time. That’s why Fiverr empowers entrepreneurs to connect with pros who can help them do more with less. You’ve experienced this power. Now, you can share it and earn up to $100 for every friend who signs up and makes their first order.”

Fiverr Referral Sharing Methods

Fiverr Referral Rewards

Participant Reward

Amount: 20%
Type: Company Credit

Friend Reward

Amount: 20%
Type: Company Credit

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Friend Experience