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EveryPlate is one of the new flexible meal kit subscription services on the market. They provide great recipes and fresh ingredients at a better deal than any other food subscription box on the market and best of all they deliver right to your doorstep.

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They actually offer a few avenues of referring. Their traditional program, where you share and both you and the referral get $20 – which is an epic amount towards the total monthly payment. But they also offer free boxes to new friends (after you have made a few box purchases yourself). Both incentive options are excellent ways to get new people on board – earning this program an A+.

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“Give friends $20 off their first box and you’ll get a $20 credit when they cook with us”

EveryPlate Referral Sharing Methods

EveryPlate Referral Rewards

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Amount: $20
Type: Company Gift Card

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Amount: $20
Type: Company Gift Card

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