“GIVE $5, GET $5”
ColourPop is a California based beauty brand that focuses on luxury quality without the luxury price. By housing all steps of their product creation under one roof, this cruelty-free company extends the savings to the customer.

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While providing great value to the participant and the referral, ColourPop keeps you engaged through the whole process. With its ease of use, wonderful images, and enticing text, we applaud ColourPop with an A+.

How ColourPop Drives Referrals

This double-sided reward program offers $5 off the referral’s first purchase worth $15 or more, earning the participant a $5 store credit.

Referral Offer Text

“Give friends $5 off their first order, and for every friend that makes a purchase, you earn $5, as well! The more you share – the more you earn!”

ColourPop Referral Sharing Methods

ColourPop Referral Rewards

Participant Reward

Amount: $5
Type: Company Credit

Friend Reward

Amount: $5
Type: Company Credit

Participant Experience

Friend Experience