“Recommend Cognito Forms and Receive a 20% Referral Bonus!”
Cognito Forms is a user-friendly platform that allows you to create online forms through a very intuitive UI. Once you register you can use the platform for free to build unlimited forms, embed them onto your website, or connect them to other apps. They also offer packages starting at $10/month that allow you to add team members to your account, among other benefits.

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With a fantastic double-sided reward structure, easy and customizable sharing options, and great brand consistent images, this program provides value to all involved. While we appreciate the consistency throughout the program and its ease of use, adding prepopulated social media text would round out the program nicely.

How Cognito Forms Drives Referrals

Cognito Forms offers a great double-sided reward for participants and referrals alike. When a referral signs up for a Plan, the referral receives a free month trial for the selected plan. For every month the referral pays for service the participant receives a credit worth 20%!

Referral Offer Text

“When you refer an organization to Cognito Forms, and they in turn create an account and sign up for a paid subscription, you’ll receive 20% of the amount they pay for their plan every month! For example, if the organization you refer signs up for the Team plan, you’ll receive 20% of their monthly $24 subscriptions payments for up to a year. In addition, the referred organization gets a one month free trial of their selected plan after they sign up.”

Cognito Forms Referral Sharing Methods

Cognito Forms Referral Rewards

Participant Reward

Amount: 20%
Type: Company Credit

Friend Reward

Amount: 1 month
Type: Company Subscription Credit

Participant Experience

Friend Experience