They said it best: “Brandless brings you innovative products created with quality materials and clean ingredients. We’ve circled the globe to create and curate an awesome assortment of things to help you live well and take better care of yourself, your family and your home”.

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Considering most of their items are very affordable, the $10 incentive to refer is pretty great. Plus, being double-sided the referral should be happy to potentially get their first item or order for free with a $10 credit. Brandless offers a smooth referral process, and it’s easy to use for both the referral and referrer, making this program a solid A.

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“Give $10 to a friend (and get $10 for yourself 😉) It’s simple. Enter your email to get a unique link to send to friends who don’t have a Brandless account. After they complete their first order, you’ll get $10 off your next purchase.”

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Brandless Referral Rewards

Participant Reward

Amount: $10
Type: Company Gift Card

Friend Reward

Amount: $10
Type: Company Gift Card

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