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Referral Program Ideas for Brand Growth

Referral marketing ideas (referral program ideas) can be a smart and substantial way to help your business thrive. Referral programs create warm leads for an existing business and create more revenue. Meanwhile, they encourage existing clientele to share their experience

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Ambassador Shutting Down

We just heard Ambassador, a referral marketing SaaS, is shutting down. It says on their website: “The Ambassador Referral Marketing platform is being sunset and has a scheduled end-of-life in September 2021.” This was found in the past few days.

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4 Best Extole Alternatives for Referral Marketing

Looking for alternatives to Extole? Find a referral marketing solution that best fits your business needs. Extole is one of the leading referral marketing platforms for large enterprises. Launched in 2009, the venture-funded company now counts Seamless, Intuit, Xoom, and

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